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We are D.L.N.I. and our top priority is making sure you experience what excellence feels like. Our unique and diverse staff of natural hair stylist are what make us one of the top natural hair salons Louisville Ky. We offer a well rounded set of services ranging from hair color too help bring out your personality to hair extensions to give you more length and bounce.Natural hair salons Louisville Ky are hard to find and need a diverse set of skills to care for your hair. All of our stylist go through a natural hair care training seminar monthly to ensure we have the skills needed to give you excellent service. Take your time and click through the gallery below to give your self an idea of what we can do to bring out the inner you healthy and naturally.  We hope to hear from you soon, and congratulations on finding one of the best natural hair salons Louisville Ky.

 Natural Hair Is Hard to Manage

FICTION: Natural hair will be hard to manage if you attempt to treat it like relaxed hair. The truth is many Black women have never learned how to care for or style natural hair because all they’ve known is relaxed hair. Many women had their hair relaxed at an early age and don’t know anything else. Natural hair is not “harder” to manage. It just requires patience and “re-learning.”Get with D.L.N.I, one of the best natural hair salons Louisville Ky and get the tools you need to be successful!

Washing your hair more than once a week will dry it out.

FICTION: This is something I’ve heard quite often. But it is totally false. Washing your hair more than once a week does not dry it out. Water is actually a moisturizer and does not dry hair out. Furthermore, if you’re using hair products with ingredients like (mineral oil, petroleum, and alcohol), then you should try to wash your hair at least once a week. One of the major things that stunts hair growth and damages hair is product build up. And this is easily prevented when we wash our hair.

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