I know you might be wondering, What does shampooing have to do with lack of hair growth? Unfortunately, if you are not following the proper steps or using professional hair products, you could be causing a serious buildup on the scalp and preventing your hair from growing! How many times after getting your hair done have you stopped at the local supermarket or the corner beauty supply store, and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that looks cute and has a great price?  I mean the models on T.V use it right? Wrong, The problem is that the majority of those over counter products have been inserted with fillers, alcohols and water that is highly alkaline based. You might as well, wash your car with them! What does this mean to you?

It means that not only are you not properly cleaning the hair, but you are also stripping the natural oils, the relaxer you just invested money in, and maybe even that beautiful hair color you were so pleased with!

Now I know, they smell so good and feel so soft coming out the bottle, but the pretty smells of colognes added to the product is not doing anything to deep cleanse the scalp and hair, promote hair growth, or increase manageability in the hair shaft. Quite frankly, most of them just coat the hair shaft, and don’t contain enough agents to penetrate the hair cuticle or reach the cortex of the hair to do what it needs to do.

Just follow these simple steps in between beauty salon visits, and I promise you a start to beautiful growing hair..

1). your hair and scalp needs to be cleansed WEEKLY!  (You must remove built up dirt and oils in order for your pores to breathe and grow.


2) Use professional products that your stylist recommends. They should include a deep cleansing shampoo, to remove the impurities from the hair, a moisturizing shampoo to smooth the cuticle out and bring the ph level of the hair back down from the deep cleanse, and a conditioner to seal the hair cuticle back in place and provide manageability.


3) Always, ALWAYS USE A WIDE TOOTH COMB TO DETANGLE DURNING THE CONDITIONER PROCESS. (Never should you use a fine tooth comb!! The hair is at its weakest when its wet, so if you put added stress on it, such as combing with a fine tooth comb, you increase the chances of breaking and damaging the hair.

* If you just follow these 3 simple steps in your shampooing process in between visits, I can bet you a difference in the way your hair feels and the way the hair grows. . ———-


By. Nicole Washington

Owner/Educator and Master Stylist of D.L.N.I “The Hair Factory”