Picture of the 5 steps

Step 1. Client Consultation – This is the key in providing you, the client with your hair care needs and finding out about your concerns or request you have. Each time you come, you will receive a confidential consultation and hair analysis, so that I make sure that I use the correct hair products for your hair at the time of service. This part is fun, private and lets us get to know each other before the wonderful transformation begins. It also helps me understand more about your personality, so that I provide you with a hair style, cut or color that represents, WHO YOU ARE !

Step 2.  The Shampoo & Scalp Massage – “Get ready for a time of your life”. You will experience an indulging shampoo experience, followed by a deep condition scalp massage, which will relax you, revive you, provide your hair and scalp with soothing therapy, and make you feel refreshed before your hair is ever styled. (Unfortunately, a lot of stylist neglects this step, and it is very important to cleanse the hair and scalp of the impurities before proceeding with your style. (plus, it’s your time to be pampered, Right?!!

Step 3.  Transformation – I strive to not only give you what you want, but what your hair really NEEDs to be healthy. I’m a firm believer in not just doing what the client suggest , but making sure to recommend, educate and providing you with my expertise, so that you get 100% satisfaction for your money. Here, we will follow through with the style of your choice, whether that is a cut, color, or prep for the finish look. (All chemical applications, such as relaxers and highlights, will be done prior to step 2)

Step 4. Style & Finish – Here is where all the preparation comes together for your masterpiece. The hair accordingly to the clients taste, is complete with shine, softness, and bounce, so that when you walk out my door, YOU WILL MAKE HEADS TURN!

Step 5. Take Home Prescription – Last, but not least, I will recommend any  hair care products needed for you to maintain the look and feel of the hair you received that day, until your next appointment. Also, provide you with a treatment plan schedule, color re-book or your next service before you leave. Each client will also receive 10% off their next service when they come into the salon!


A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

~ Diane Mariechild ~