Hair Color and Highlights

D.L.N.I. understands that your hair color and highlights are you business card that tells the world who you are and what you do. We take specialized training seminars monthly to ensure that we have the skills to match any hair color or highlights that your heart desires. Please take some time to check out our hair color and highlights gallery (click here) to view the work of some of our talented stylist. If you are interested in further exploring what hair color and highlights would be best for your desired feel and look please feel free to book a free consultation by calling 502-883-2868 or clicking “HERE” to book online.

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*All color pricing is separate and can be added to any package above at a discounted price. Styles are not included
hair color
Hair color chart

darker hair color

Temporary hair color $15 (last only 1-2 wash)

Semi hair color- $20 and up ( last 4-6 shampoos)

Demi hair color $30 and up  (last 6-9 shampoos)

Permanent hair color: Call for pricing 502-883-2868

Highlights $ 7-$10 per foil

Partial Highlights: call for pricing 502-883-2868

Full head highlights: Call for pricing 502-883-2868